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"Be warned: don't read this at home alone at night."


This, the US edition of The Dark Sacrament, contains ten frightening contemporary accounts of demon possession, haunted houses, and the exorcisms performed by two active exorcists, one Protestant and one Roman Catholic. Co-authors Kiely and McKenna show how exorcisms are performed, why they are necessary, and tell the amazing stories of desperate people who had to turn to this ritual to rid themselves of demons. Science and psychology can adequately explain away the vast majority of so-called demon possession reports, but a small percentage of cases cannot be dispelled because the evidence for demonic influence is just too overwhelming. These are the cases that The Dark Sacrament shares in rich, terrifying detail — the most amazing experiences you may ever encounter.


"Pick up this real-life thriller and rest assured you will never so much as look at a Ouija board again ... [a] compulsively readable and utterly gripping page-turner. Be warned: don't read this at home alone at night."

~ Publishers Weekly


"Based on my own extensive experience as a board certified psychiatrist involved with some similar, highly unusual cases internationally, I can attest that the two authors appear sensible and knowledgeable about a complex and controversial subject. They are careful to avoid the extremes of either overly credulous fundamentalism or dismissive rationalism. And what stories they have to tell!"

~ Richard E. Gallagher, M.D., associate professor,

New York Medical College; faculty,

Columbia Psychoanalytic; and director of

psychological services, St. Joseph's Seminary.


"This book is a must read for students of demonology and for anyone interested in demonic possession. Not only will it frighten you, but more importantly, it will educate you to the dangers of the preternatural realm. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

~ Lorraine Warren, co-founder (with Ed Warren)

of the New England Society for Psychic Research

and original investigator of

the Amityville Horror case.


"Unless you yourself are dead, The Dark Sacrament will awaken within you a profound respect for all that is unseen. Engrossing and chilling in the best of ways."

~ Ted Dekker, New York Times

bestselling author of "Skin."


"Here at last we have a careful, credible presentation chronicling the ministry of two exorcists, one Catholic and one Protestant, as they deal with the demonic and diabolical. This is perhaps the best account written in my lifetime about this difficult and troubling subject, and I would commend it to one and all. This is important food for thought and for the soul, reminding us once more that there is more to reality than meets the eye."

~ Dr. Ben Witherington III,

Amos Professor of New Testament,

Asbury Theological Seminary.


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