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Exorcism in Ireland: Christ versus Satan.

Contemporary paranormal manifestations

An innocent housewife, a callow young curate, a curious schoolboy, an amiable pensioner, and others like them. Ordinary people, leading ordinary lives in present-day Ireland. Until unwittingly each opened a door into the unknown, and allowed strange forces to enter their lives. Through their shocking, true stories, The Dark Sacrament charts the terrifying struggle against the preternatural, battles that only ended with the intervention of that most valiant of churchmen: the exorcist.


This is the Irish edition of The Dark Sacrament. It contains nine frightening contemporary accounts of demon possession, haunted houses, and the exorcisms performed by a number of clergymen, both Catholic and Protestant.


Christina researched and wrote the book together with her husband, David M. Kiely. They toured Ireland in search of cases of paranormal "infestation". They collected a great many and chose the most diverse to highlight. The victims range from children to the elderly.


The book shows how exorcisms are performed, why they're necessary, and tells the amazing stories of desperate people who had to turn to this ritual to rid themselves of demons. Science and psychology can adequately explain away the vast majority of so-called demon possession reports, but a small percentage of cases cannot be dispelled because the evidence for demonic influence is just too overwhelming. These are the cases that The Dark Sacrament shares in rich, terrifying detail — the most amazing experiences you may ever encounter.

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